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Year Summary

Spring Schedule

President: Ryan Sullivan
Captain: Matthew Fetty

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
2013-01-19University of Georgia21-0Kennesaw, GA
2013-01-19Kennesaw State University20-5Kennesaw, GA
2013-02-02Atlanta Renegades22-30Clemson, SC
2013-02-16Ohio State University38-0Charlotte, NC
2013-02-23Virginia Tech22-18Clemson, SC
2013-03-02University of Virginia40-23Charlottesville, VA
2013-03-08University of North Carolina82-7Clemson, SC
2013-03-16University of Maryland59-23Danville, VA
2013-03-30North Carolina State University29-22Charlotte, NC
2013-04-06Naval Academy34-38Clemson, SC
2013-04-13Wake Forest University83-17Winston Salem, NC
2013-04-27University of South Carolina29-7Knoxville, TN
2013-04-28University of Central Florida20-24Knoxville, TN

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation

Fall Schedule

President: Ryan Sullivan
Captain: Blake Bowen

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
2013-09-14Greenville Rugby Club79-746-10Clemson, SC
2013-09-14Lander UniversityClemson, SC
2013-09-21North Carolina State University63-551-3Raleigh, NC
2013-09-27Wake Forest University68-0Clemson, SC
2013-09-27Kennesaw State University17-10Clemson, SC
2013-09-29Alumni MatchClemson, SC
2013-10-05University of Virginia19-8Charlottesville, VA
2013-10-18Virginia Tech41-744-13Clemson, SC
2013-10-25University of Maryland35-27Boyds, MD
2013-11-02University of North Carolina65-0Clemson, SC
2013-11-09Naval Academy0-47Raleigh, N.C.
2013-11-09University of North Carolina17-17Raleigh, N.C.
2013-11-09University of Virginia7-36Raleigh, N.C.
2013-11-09University of Maryland12-27Raleigh, N.C.
2013-11-16ACRC Quarter Final - Penn State26-27Clemson, SC