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Year Summary

Spring Schedule

President: Kevin Ard
Captain: Blake Allen

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
2003-01-18University of North Carolina31-833-19Chapel Hill, NC
2003-01-25Greenville Rugby Club56-42Clemson, SC
2003-02-01University of Florida27-10Gainesville, FL
2003-02-02University of Georgia5-39Gainesville, FL
2003-02-14University of Georgia33-15Gainesville, FL
2003-02-16University of Florida20-5Clemson, SC
2003-02-22Georgia Tech10-29Clemson, SC
2003-03-08Furman University48-0Clemson, SC
2003-03-15University of California, Berkeley6-76Berkeley, CA
2003-03-16Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo0-73Berkeley, CA
2003-03-29University of North Carolina8-53Myrtle Beach, SC
2003-04-04University of South Carolina45-7Columbia, SC
2003-04-12Albright College19-5Clemson, SC
2003-04-12Kutztown University8-36Clemson, SC

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
0000-00-00Greenville 7sGreenville, SC
0000-00-00Charleston 7sCharleston, SC

Fall Schedule

President: Darius Samii
Captain: Jason Hinchman

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
2003-08-29University of Georgia24-0Clemson, SC
2003-09-05University of Alabama5-0Clemson, SC
2003-09-20Georgia Tech45-1236-0Atlanta, GA
2003-09-27Auburn University30-0Athens, GA
2003-09-27Georgia Tech36-24Athens, GA
2003-09-28Georgia Southern University33-5Athens, GA
2003-10-04Western Kentucky University19-0Huntsville, AL
2003-10-04Middle Tennessee State University19-0Huntsville, AL
2003-10-05Hopkinsville RFC28-3Huntsville, AL
2003-10-10University of Virginia44-14Clemson, SC
2003-10-12Alumni Match24-20Clemson, SC
2003-10-18Louisiana State University33-15Baton Rouge, LA
2003-10-20Fall Break Tour - Tulane24-17Baton Rouge, LA
2003-11-07University of Tennessee24-725-5Clemson, SC
2003-11-20University of South Carolina39-11Columbia, SC