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Year Summary

Spring Schedule

President: Henry Wolfe
Captain: Donny Hayes

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1976-01-25Greenville Rugby Club0-010-0Greenville, SC
1976-02-01Atlanta Rugby Club14-016-0Clemson, SC
1976-02-08Atlanta Renegades6-1810-13
1976-02-14University of Tennessee17-0Clemson, SC
1976-02-22Charlotte Gargoyles4-022-0
1976-02-28Kansas City Blues0-6Hammond, LA
1976-02-28Sam Houston State6-0Hammond, LA
1976-02-28Colgate University3-0Hammond, LA
1976-02-28Iowa State - Mari Gras14-7Hammond, LA
1976-02-29University Of Alabama15-0Hammond, LA
1976-02-29Brookdale NJ9-6Hammond, LA
1976-02-29Topeka, KA12-6Hammond, LA
1976-03-06Georgia Tech11-4Greenville, SC
1976-03-07Greenville Rugby Club3-8Greenville, SC
1976-03-13Medical College of Georgia19-925-8Augusta, GA
1976-03-20Hilton Head Rugby Club15-1215-4Hilton Head, SC
1976-03-21University of South Carolina at Allendale28-3Allendale, SC
1976-03-27Columbia Olde Grey18-1320-0Columbia, SC
1976-04-04Michelin Tire Plant25-7
1976-04-11Georgia Tech

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation

Fall Schedule

Captain: Henry Wolfe

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1976-09-11CitadelClemson, SC
1976-09-19Greenville Rugby Club28-315-6Greenville, SC
1976-09-25Atlanta Old White10-150-20
1976-10-02University of Tennessee10-419-0Knoxville, TN
1976-10-09Charlotte Rugby ClubClemson, SC
1976-11-20University Of South CarolinaClemson, SC