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Year Summary

Spring Schedule

Captain: George Conover

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1974-01-19Medical College of Georgia15-016-0Augusta, GA
1974-02-03Atlanta Rugby Club14-48-0Clemson, SC
1974-02-10Greenville Rugby ClubClemson, SC
1974-03-02Columbia Olde Grey16-4Columbia, SC
1974-03-02University of South Carolina10-08-0Columbia, SC
1974-03-03University of South Carolina6-23Columbia, SC
1974-04-28Greenville Rugby Club17-10

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation

Fall Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1974-09-14Columbia Olde Grey34-014-0Clemson, SC
1974-09-15Greenville Rugby ClubClemson, SC
1974-09-22AtlantaAtlanta, GA
1974-10-06Medical College of Georgia16-03-0Augusta, GA
1974-10-20Greenville Rugby ClubClemson, SC
1974-10-27University of Tennessee16-09-4
1974-11-03Charlotte Rugby Club23-246-10Clemson, SC
1974-11-10Atlanta Renegades12-016-6Atlanta, GA
1974-11-16Atlanta Old White9-0
1974-11-17Emory University15-0Clemson, SC
1974-11-24University Of South Carolina7-18Clemson, SC