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Year Summary

Spring Schedule

President: Ken Banks
Captain: Mike Minion

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
0000-00-00Blind PigsSavannah, GA
0000-00-00SproutsSavannah, GA
0000-00-00Alumni MatchClemson, SC
0000-00-00University of GeorgiaClemson, SC
0000-00-00ArchibaldsSavannah, GA
1987-02-07Kennesaw College41-0Clemson, SC
1987-02-21University Of South CarolinaClemson, SC
1987-03-07Emory UniversityClemson, SC
1987-04-04Belmont AbbeyClemson, SC
1987-04-18Myrtle Beach
1987-04-25Georgia TechClemson, SC

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
0000-00-00Michelob Palmetto State 7s TournamentColumbia, SC

Fall Schedule

President: Ken Banks

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1987-10-31Greenville Rugby Club16-4Columbia, SC
1987-11-07Alumni Match20-12Clemson, SC
1987-11-08Emory University32-24Clemson, SC
1987-11-22University of South CarolinaColumbia, SC