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Year Summary

In the Spring of 1996 CURFC achived a top 8 finish in the National Play-offs and a #6 national ranking, something that has never been done before by a team from the South. In fact until the Spring of 1996 no team from the South ever finished in the top 25 nationally.

The team had a strong Spring and Summer recruiting drive with star players from California and Missouri committing to come and play for Clemson rugby.

The Fall of 1996 saw the club understake a successful tour to the Northeast competing against Harvard, Brown and University of Massachusetts. The notable win of the tour was a 19-17 win over Harvard, which the year before that made it to the Elite 8.

Spring Schedule

President: Tyson Campbell
Captain: Charley Miller

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1996-01-20University of Georgia5-2917-0 WClemson, SC
1996-01-27Western Carolina University69-3Clemson, SC
1996-01-27Auburn University5-0Clemson, SC
1996-02-03Georgia Southern University13-542-0 WStatesboro, GA
1996-02-10Georgia Tech61-317-5Clemson, SC
1996-02-17University of North Carolina17-22Chapel Hill, NC
1996-02-23Southern Mississippi54-3Hattiesburg, MS
1996-02-24Georgia College44-3Milledgeville, GA
1996-03-02University of Alabama17-26Tuscaloosa, AL
1996-03-11Canisius17-2724-0 WClemson, SC
1996-03-13University of South Carolina30-5Clemson, SC
1996-03-30North Carolina State University43-8Charlotte, NC
1996-03-31University of Central Florida31-6Charlotte, NC
1996-04-20Cornell University28-6Baltimore, MD
1996-04-21Penn State University16-28Baltimore, MD

Summer Schedule

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation

Fall Schedule

President: Ken Kershner
Captain: David Merchant

DateOpponentA SideB SideLocation
1996-08-24Greenville 10'sGreenville, SC
1996-09-07University of Maryland12-615-15Kutztown, PA
1996-09-07Kutztown University7-2810-12Kutztown, PA
1996-09-14Virginia Tech15-500-17Clemson, SC
1996-09-21University of Alabama10-26Clemson, SC
1996-10-05Atlanta Renegades B10-18Atlanta, GA
1996-10-05Citadel20-3Atlanta, GA
1996-10-06Atlanta High Country12-16Atlanta, GA
1996-10-12Auburn University20-5Clemson, SC
1996-10-12Emory University25-23 ForeitClemson, SC
1996-10-20Georgia Tech20-160-10Clemson, SC
1996-10-20Alumni Match0-35
1996-11-01University of Massachusetts5-35Amhurst, MA
1996-11-03Harvard University19-17Cambridge, MA
1996-11-04Brown University5-19Providence, RI
1996-11-09Georgia College14-5Milledgeville, GA